06 January 2010

Lady Puddings.

large breasts

They lift them up and seperate
Put their wares on full display,
Dressed to show their curves off
I see them everyday.

My eyes will never tire
Of such delightful views,
Shapely women of all ages
Prove the best things come in twos.

Small ones are more juicy
Large ones full and plump,
The only thing that can compare
-A lovely glimpse of rump.

Their movement is hypnotic
It really is unfair,
I mutter underneath my breath
Mmm, what a lovely pair.

Those Lady Puddings hold me
A captive in their spell,
You know what treats i wish for
Dreaming at the wishing well.


  1. Hahaha... wow, how good. The whole poem is so rhythmic and the title is just amusing. Very visual and I think it will affect my sleep today ;) I crave for some pudding, hehe...

  2. i think we all need a healthy helping of pudding as often as possible...
    sometimes it's hard to think of anything else!

  3. Lady Puddings! :))

    You do make me giggle hun!And I really enjoy reading your poems..Keep em coming... M xxx

  4. thanks darlin, i'll do my utmost to fully satisfy your gracious requests...i'm glad i made you chuckle x

  5. Such a romantic...
    I knew it all along.

    Soon I'll be making up for my faux pas.
    You'll see my secret.
    But shhhhhhhhhhhh

  6. seeing your secret will be well worth the wait, i have no doubt of that, T!
    i'm a romantic who never loses sight of what's most fun in life ;)


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