29 October 2011

Kissing A Witch

pretty witch
I pray that this Hallowe'en i might finally realise a lifetime ambition and share a lingering kiss with a beautiful witch in the lonely moonlit woods.

Just one kiss, that is all i ask for and all i ever dream about.

She will craftily entwine me within her mystical fingers, breathe forbidden phrases of dark seduction into my ears and artfully lure me into her silken web of magical pleasure.

I will kneel meekly at her bubbling cauldron and quench my burning thirst for her enchanting secret potion...sorcery and supernatural sauciness go together so wonderfully well on a night such as this.

Oh to be the familiar black cat perched on her lap purring contentedly as she casts her wicked spells and quietly cackles,  muttering dark mischief beneath her breath with a twisted smile of midnight naughtiness.

She can even turn me into a slimy toad afterwards if she so pleases and i would gladly spend the remainder of my days croaking away if only i could find my path to that very first kiss.

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