22 April 2012

The Perfect Female Figure

voluptuous female bodyMankind has been trying to define the perfect female figure for thousands of years now and it is an ultimately futile search because what one man may regard as sheer perfection in a woman, another will oppose with an example more suited to his own personal tastes.

The old truth that Beauty is in the eye of the beholder remains a stumbling block to those attempting to bestow perfection upon the humanly imperfect and we have yet to realise that it is the little imperfections that make the individual woman so very special in our eyes.

The world is full of ravishing beauties with a whole range of body types and shapes, none less perfect than another, none any less desirable for the subtle differences between herself and her sisters.

I doubt there has ever been a woman in all history who has considered her own body to be the heavenly model of perfection, no matter how highly she might think of herself, because although she accepts gushing praise and flowery compliments with good grace she will secretly be wishing that this part or that part of her anatomy was a little different to how God actually created it.

As mere admirers in the heat of ardent infatuation or desire, we either overlook the perceived imperfection as insignificant or fail to notice it entirely, or we may indeed find it her most charming asset if she only knew it.

In any given day, a man might behold dozens of women he deems close to perfection but the fact of the matter is that every single one of those ladies will inwardly be wishing she were slightly slimmer, slightly plumper, a little larger, a little smaller and so on; the perfect female figure can be seen all around us but not one of them will believe it if you say so.

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