26 February 2013

Top 20 Soap Babe Legends

Compiling a list of my personal Top 20 Soap Babes was a true labour of love, but having finally completed it and written an article for every woman individually, i can finally sit back and reflect upon the beauties that have lit up my Soap viewing down the years.

roxy mitchell rita simons drawing
1- Roxy Mitchell
(Rita Simons)
2- Tracy Barlow
(Kate Ford)
3- Nicola Blackstock   (Nicola Wheeler)
4- Kim Tate
(Claire King)
5- Kat Slater
(Jessie Wallace)
6- Ronnie Mitchell   (Samantha Womack)
7-  Bianca Jackson   (Patsy Palmer)
8-  Chastity Dingle   (Lucy Pargeter)
9-  Karen McDonald   (Suranne Jones)
10- Sadie King   (Patsy Kensit)
11- Cindy Beale   (Michelle Collins)
12- Liz McDonald   (Bev Callard)
13- Becky Granger   (Katherine Kelly)
14- Janine Butcher   (Charlie Brooks)
15- Carla Connor   (Alison King)
16- Leanne Battersby   (Jane Danson)
17- Kathy Glover   (Malandra Burrows)
18- Chrissie Watts   (Tracy-Ann Oberman)
19- Carol Jackson   (Lindsay Coulson)
20- Katy Sugden   (Sammy Winward)

To read my honest appraisal in depth about any of these lovely ladies then Click Here!

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