24 January 2013

Stockings and Suspenders

It's high time that I paid tribute to the greatest double act in history, a breathtaking pairing that never fails to astound us with their awesome impact upon our lives and who will always command a special place in our hearts, namely that legendary duo: stockings and suspenders.

bending in stockings and suspenders
The mere mention of their names quickens the blood, setting the pulse racing and if you doubt my words on this matter then simply think of your favourite female crush...then think of them again wearing stockings and suspenders.

Point proved, case dismissed.

When an amorous woman is feeling fruity and frisky, wishing to make the evening a very special night to remember both for herself and her lucky partner, the first things she reaches for are her all-conquering, irresistibly provocative stockings and suspenders because she knows full well that they never, ever fail.

They tell her man in no uncertain terms that she is bubbling with desire and will not take no for an answer in a brazen manner that positively demands satisfaction and immediate compliance, obedience even, if he knows what's good for him.

When a woman flashes her stockings and suspenders then she really is making an offer that cannot be refused, the candid demand for your undivided attention and wholehearted adoration has been made in such a gloriously sensual fashion that only a complete fool would deny her, assuming that the man was ever born who possessed the power to refuse such wickedly spicy temptation.        


  1. I am not a complete fool, therefore I agree with you :)

  2. Very wise of you...some offers really are too good to refuse!


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